Matthew in The Bean

Hello! I’m Matthew, the entrepreneur & philanthropist.

I’m a fan of many things in life, including yoga, startup communities, the ocean, spirituality, surfing and poker.

Professionally, I was a programmer for the better part of 20 years when I eventually realized that it was time to move onto new pastures. Venturing into the startup world was the first step in making this happen. I was blessed to be the CTO and co-founder for KULA Causes and the the COO and co-founder of Hoopla.io & Local Ruckus.

As I explore opportunities for my next venture, I continue to be an active co-leader of the Kansas City Startup Village (KCSV).

One role I plan to continue for the long haul is being a student of life. I’m always ready, willing and excited to learn. There are so many exciting things to discover, I find there are not enough hours in the day. My ultimate goal is to become a startup adviser, entrepreneur mentor, angel investor and professional philanthropist with a mission of helping to make the world a better place before my days are done.